Stanton Street Sports Autumn/Winter 2016 Lookbook


 Stanton Street Sports have unveiled the visuals for their new Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, shot by Dylan Schiff & Ezekiel Martinez. 

 Keeping the designs pretty low-key throuhgout, from the minimal graphics and predominantly black colour palette, the release centres around the outerwear selection comprised of rain macs and quarter zip pullovers. With pops of fluorescent yellow and dark navy on selected pieces, the collection is bulked out with tees, long-sleeves hoodies, caps and beanies which bear familiar logo designs from previous seasons, all drawing influence from the brands native Lower East Side. 

 The Stanton Street Sports AW16 collection is now available online at and will be arriving at select European retailers shortly.



Brain Dead Drop Five – Mondo


Creative collective Brain Dead have unveiled their 5th collection, which has dropped in UK stores and online now, again drawing from numerous obscure references for a refreshing approach towards the graphic lead staples.  

 Dubbed "Mondo" which takes inspiration from the controversial 60's documentary Mondo Cane, the collection pulls elements from skate and surf culture, old punk aesthetics, classic cartoons and more specific themes such as shokushu goukan - Japanese tentacle erotica, with bold graphics translated on to tees, long sleeves and tote bags. Alongside the more familiar logo graphic pieces which features throughout, the release is bulked out with a considered selection of cut & sew, featuring the Japanese inspired Noragi chore coat, and two patterned short sleeve shirts which feature the artwork of Jen Shear. Rounding of the collection is a small headwear range made up of embroidered 6 panels and mesh truckers, as well as printed tote bags and sticker collection.

 The latest collection from Brain Dead is available over on the brands online store as well as selected UK retailers including Goodhood and Garbstore.


Catching up with Joe Lauder of Satta

Born out of London’s Brixton Beach, Satta has grown to global recognition as a brand that produces high quality, consciously sourced and produced goods. Initially gaining attention through their unique hand crafted skate boards, made meticulously by the brands founder Joe Lauder out of his modest London based studio, the brand seamlessly made the transition in to clothing with earthy colour palettes and hand drawn designs applied to classic silhouettes. Satta’s ability to set itself apart in a highly saturated market without compromising it’s integrity is admirable, although you get a sense it’s effortless. Satta is a physical representation of a lifestyle, rather than a brand playing up to a new trend, and you can’t get much more authentic than that. 

This season, the collection is largely influenced by Joe’s personal experiences on his travels to the spiritually and culturally rich island of Bali, Indonesia, where the brand has been based for the past year. Heavily graphic focused, you can find Buddhist and Hindu iconography that aligns with the brands central theme of connectedness, while the colour palette aligns with previous releases. As the concise Autumn/Winter 2016 offering begins to land in stores across the globe, we had a brief catch up with the brands founder – Joe Lauder to talk more on the brands history, his travels and future plans…


Since the birth of Satta you’ve been predominantly based in Brixton. Have your roots there influenced your vision for the brand at all?

Brixton’s quickly changing, the cross-cultural melting pot is being diluted into a gentrified mashed potato,  but it’s the richness of different cultural influences alongside the place I spent most of my time in Brixton – Brixton Beach, the local skatepark which was a perfect place to see my love’s for surfing and skating mix together that played a big part in Satta’s initial influence.

As a fairly young company, what would you say has been the biggest hurdle for yourself and Satta at this point?

The hardest thing is not having any weight with the factories. I would love to be developing and innovating new fabrics to work with but I just cant because I cant meet the minimums required.

That and trying to do a teams worth of work with no team.

You’ve been to a wide variety of destinations in your travels, such as the Amazon jungle alongside Tibet and Nepal. Do you have any more adventures planned in the near future?

At the moment I’m just trying to decide where to settle next.


You’ve been skateboarding a long time and that clearly resonates within everything you do at Satta. Could you tell us a little bit about the impact skateboarding has had on your life personally, and how it’s influenced your brand?

I started skating relatively late, around 20, and I came to it after surfing, so I was always more into the roots of skating and seeing the fluidity of surfing translated into skating.

I think the main influence skateboarding has had on my life and Satta is the DIY spirit you find in so many skaters, the will to carve out and create your own (sub)culture.

With your travels in mind; where would you say your favourite place in the world to skate?

Brixton Beach

Do you still find time to work in gardening and furniture with everything going on at Satta skates?

Unfortunately not, that stopped soon after Satta was born in its current form


The appreciation of the natural world is clearly an integral part of your aesthetic at Satta. Does this approach tie in with sourcing the wood and materials you use for the boards and clothing?

For sure, we try to use locally sourced wood as much as possible and are using hemp and organic cotton in a lot of our clothing.

Are there any new projects or collaborations from yourself and the brand coming up this year you can tell us about?

Just keeping on keeping on.

Satta’s Autumn/Winter 2016 range is available now on the brands online store and at select stockists including Goodhood

To celebrate the release Satta and WuLu teamed up to put out a special edition of the brands ‘Satta Sounds’ Mixes. The mix is available to listen to here –

Interview: James P.Lees

Additional words: Kieran Sills

Lookbook Imagery shot by Joe Lauder


Butter Goods Showcase Impressive SP16 Collection


Australian skate brand Butter Goods have recently released some impressive visuals for their Spring 2016 range.

 The look-book is shot in the brand’s hometown of Perth and features some incredibly clean designs; mixing familair silhouettes alongside some newly introduced graphics, translated on to staple styles such as hoodies, polo caps, and crewnecks. Although the collection has been produced with Australian Spring in mind, most items could easily be carried through in to a UK Autumn, sticking to a simplistic colour palette throughout and keeping logo styles minimal. 

This collection is available now over at Butter Goods online store so you can expect the release to be landing at UK retailers shortly. 



Stussy x Dover Street Market AW16

 Stussy and London based fashion hub Dover Street Market are meeting once again from another Autumn/Winter collab, and this year will be a little bit different. Rather than having a focus on outwear this collab features graphic t’s and a woollen polo cap. Both of the t-shirts feature co-branding as well as a specifically designed “Sunset” graphic that runs throughout the collab.

 All three pieces are available as of today in DSM stores worldwide as well as on their online store




Carhartt WIP Autumn/Winter 2016 Look-Book


 Carhartt WIP recently dropped the visuals for their Autumn/Winter 2016 line, showcasing a diverse selection of apparel, drawing influence from various themes. 

 The in house Work In Progress brand was founded in 1989 with the sole purpose of redesigning and reshaping classic Carhartt looks for modern city life, all while staying true to the core ideals of the brand; quality, comfort and durability.

 This is pretty evident in the latest drop, as the classic pieces are all there however, along with well-known patterns and motifs; they’ve been given modern twists and have been re-imagined for 2016.

 The versatility of the clothing is evident in both the male and female collections this season, as elements from menswear and street-wear come together to showcase the eclectic nature of the brand itself.

 Select pieces are available now at a number of Carhartt WIP retailers as well as their web store.


Volcom X Antihero AW16


 Volcom and AntiHero come together for Autumn/Winter 2016 to celebrate their mutual love for the open road and venturing into the unknown. 

 Two camps who share team riders, similar inspirations and lifestyles, as well as a rich heritage in skateboarding, the collaboration was a "no brainer" as described by Grant Taylor, who rides for both brands. The collection sees the two  apply their own unique creative direction, which ultimately around quality, rugged design, something that can withstand the rigours of skateboarding and being on the open road. Consisting of staple graphic tees and long-sleeves, colour blocked tees, flannel shirts, chino's and hoodies, featuring dual branded prints, embroidery and patches, combining the eagle and the stone in a hybrid design. Sticking to an an Autumnal palette throughout, the release is rounded off the release is a small range of accessories including branded socks and headwear. Our stand outs from the release include the sherpa lined Ride Vest with logo patch detailing and the retro feel herringbone work shirt. 

To celebrate the coming together of the two parties, Volcom and AntiHero team up on an epic 6 minute edit featuring team riders shredding the streets of New York and New Jersey. You can check it in full below.

The Volcom X Antihero Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is available in select UK retailers including Slam City now