Neighbourhood Mitch

Neighbourhood: Mitch

As we continue to document the Brighton skate scene and celebrate the characters around it, our Neighbourhood series returns with a brand new clip featuring Mitch, a recent departure from the streets of Brighton who now resides in Norway. We were lucky enough to film the clip at the newly built Gamlebyen skatepark in East Oslo…

“I hit up Mitch to film this clip, because he’s a Brighton transplant in Oslo. Gamlebyen where he lives, has just had the first section of it’s skatepark completed, so ideas were fresh on the new concrete, but we grossly underestimated the struggles of filming any kind of skateboarding in winter in Norway. The park was always wet, even when it hadn’t rained for a week, then the frost and snow came and it seemed like we were never going to be able to finish filming. Luckily after a few evenings praying to Thor & Odin last week, there was somehow one mostly dry day and we got to get one last session in. Mitch is honestly one of the most fun people to skate with that I’ve ever met, so getting to film this was a total pleasure in spite of the Nordic weather. Love you Mitch !!” – Sirus

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Video: Sirus F Gahan

Sour Skateboards SUCKNESS

Watch: Sour Skateboards – Suckness


The SOUR boys have put together a new VX edit dubbed ‘SUCKNESS’, filmed and edited by Jonathan Lomar.  The 10 minute video parody’s William Strobeck’s ‘Sickness’ and stars the full SOUR team which includes Simon Isaakson, Barney Page, Albert Nyberg, Koffe Hallgren, Josef Scott Jatta, Daniel Spängs, Nisse Ingemarsson, Gustav Tønnesen and Erik J Pettersson

Enjoy the full clip below and for more head to


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Watch: Blend


Grey Skate Mag presents Blend, a 14 minute film in association with Converse Cons which follows the Cons team shredding across the UK as well as a few spots in the Polish capital.  Filmed by James Cruickshank with music by Jean-Louis Huhta, the video features riders Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Mike Arnold, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Jamie Platt, Dom Henry, Ollie Lock plus special guest Felipe Bartolomé. Enjoy in full below and head to for more.



Watch: Krooked NYC


The Krooked team headed to New York City to meet up with the Gonz and spend a few days shredding the streets, came back and blessed us with a new edit cut to the sounds of the city and The Smiths. Enjoy the full video below featuring Mark Gonzales, Bobby Worrest, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, Sebo Walker, and Matt Gottwig. Head over to for more.

Jez Edit

Neighbourhood: Jez

Being based in Brighton, a lot of what we do on the site comes from a south coast perspective, influenced by the people around us and the laid back culture of the city we live in. Slightly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of London, but also close enough for it to impact our outlook, it’s important to us to distinguish ourselves by documenting the lives we live through our experiences.

Our latest project dubbed ‘Neighbourhood’, is a new video series that looks to give more of an insight in to the Brighton skate scene and celebrate the characters around it. The first video in the series focuses around Jez as he hits up The Level …

“Jez skates about once every month or so, which is very little for your average skateboarder. Every time he does come out on a board you will undoubtedly see him take about 3 slams to the head, learn 4 or 5 new tricks you’ve never seen before, collide with a number of small children and smile and laugh the whole way through. He’s 100% one of my favourite dude’s to watch skate, but I had never seen any footage of him before. That pushed me to ask him to spend half a day filming at the park. I thought it’d be cool to represent one of the lesser known Brighton skaters, who has a slightly different outlook on things and is also involved in a lot outside of skateboarding” – Sirus 

Video: Sirus F Gahan

Words: Kieran Sills & Sirus F Gahan