Helas Caps ‘CONNECTION’ Capsule


 Helas Caps have come through with a new set of visuals shot around the French captial, showcasing their latest capsule for AW16. 

 Dubbed 'CONNECTION' the latest release shows progression in their designs whilst staying true to the brands core aesthetic, we see familiar logo designs applied to new light outerwear styles and athletic inspired pieces. The release utilises various functional materials and a subtle colour palette throughout, rounded off with staple styles including embroidered polo tees, hoodies and a strong headwear range. 

Take a look at the lookbook above featuring JB Gillet, Karim Bakhtaoui & Karl Salah, and head over to for more info. The Helas "CONNECTION" capsule collection will be landing in UK stores including Flatspot. on Thursday the 3rd of November.




Hélas “Finish Him” Summer 2016 Quickstrike Lookbook


 Hélas have come through with a brand new Quickstrike collection dubbed "FINISH HIM",  marking the end of Summer and the move in to the colder seasons. The collection  picks up from where the last release left off, with several recognisable logo designs from the brands archive, with their recognisable umbrella logo amongst others, applied across tees, shorts, polo tops, sweaters, track suit bottoms and headwear. The collection sticks to a summery colour palette with the use of pastel's and bold colour blocking, while branding is kept subtle throughout as they get more experimental with different materials and cuts. Stand out's include the washed pink embroidered sweater and the Classic nylon tracksuit bottoms for when you wanna stunt down the park. 

Check out the full look book featuring riders Karl Salah & Gauthier Rouger by photographer Nikwen. The Hélas "FINISH HIM" quickstrike collection is available now over on the brands webstore and select retailers including Parlour Skate Store and Slam City. 



Watch: “Hélas Polo Club” Mixtape


The Hélas Polo Club boys are back at it again in a new 15 minute ‘mixtape’ video following the release of their Spring 2016 Quickstrike Collection. Filmed over the Summer of 2015 in Paris and Barca, the clip features riders Lucas Puig, Mark Del Negro, William Monerris, Karl Salah, Brian Peacock, JB Gillet,Max Geronzi, Marek Zaprazny, Pedro Attenborough, Jose Vivero Diaz, Brayan Albarenga, Thierry Gormit, Jesus Fernandez, Luypa Sin, Roman Lisivka, Stephen Khou, Clement Brunel, Tommy Zhao, Dan Leung. Enjoy the full video above and be sure to turn your speakers up for full enjoyment!



Hélas Spring 2016 Quickstrike Collection


 Hélas have come through with a new Quickstrike collection for Spring featuring a range of seasonal casual wear perfect for the park or the streets. 

 Hélas have grown their line considerably over the last couple of years, expanding their cut & sew options by introducing new outerwear pieces as well as the introduction of several trouser styles, and their latest release again sees development from the French skate brand. You've got the expected graphic tees bearing the brands umbrella and polo club designs, sitting alongside embroidered logo hoodies and sweaters,  while they take casual wear to new levels with soft nylon tracksuit bottoms and matching 'Olympic Squad' tracksuit jacket. The stand out piece from the collection for us is the Classic Coach jacket, made from a robust cotton twill with marble button and embroidered logo detailing, available in black and navy colour options. The collection is rounded off with another strong headwear selection, which features polo caps and 6 panels which utilise light cotton twill and corduroy in their construction.

 The Hélas Spring 2016 Quickstrike collection is available online now and will be landing in select retailers shortly. Hélas are also set to drop a new clip soon with the Hélas Polo Club so be sure to keep an eye out for that.


Hélas Caps “Since Tomorrow” F/W 3015/3016 Collection


 Hélas Caps return this season with their “Since Tomorrow” Fall/Winter 3015/3016 collection, expanding the brands outerwear line for the colder months.

Headed up by one of modern skateboardings biggest names, Lucas Puig’s Hélas is one of the more refreshing brands on the market, drawing from numerous influences to deliver an overtly French take on casual skate/streetwear. Their latest release sees Hélas stick to their guns, as they have done season to season, naturally developing their line from once being heavily headwear focused to introducing various new apparel styles. Combining themes from 90’s sports wear with inspiration from high end design, the release features staple graphic tees, hoodies, sweaters, and more technical outerwear in the colour blocked pullover hooded jackets with matching tracksuit bottoms. The collection is rounded off by a considered range of headwear, utilising various materials and applying familiar embroidered logo detailing.

The Hélas Caps “Since Tomorrow” F/W 3015/3016 Collection is available now at select retailers across the UK including Flatspot, Urban Industry and Slam City Skates

For more information on Hélas Caps, be sure to check our interview with brand founder Lucas Puig from earlier this year HERE. 

helasxlandscape collab capsuleimage7

Landscape x Hélas


To promote their collaborative capsule collection, Hélas Caps and Landscape Skateboards have linked up on this joint edit featuring team riders from both camps.

The short clip highlights pieces from the limited edition release, including the ‘gentlemen’ inspired tweed 5-panel cap, dual branded tee and seven ply wood skateboard deck bearing the Landscape character holding the Hélas umbrella. Coming through with some solid street skating from both sides of the channel, the edit features Landscape riders: Jed Coldwell, Ash Hall, Nick Stansfield, Matlok Bennett Jones, Jin Shimizu, Joe Gavin, Keanu Robson, Daniel Kinloch, Joleon Pressey and the Hélas crew made up of: Stephen Khou,Lucas Puig, Karl Salah, Gauthier Rouger, William Monerris, Boss Xie, Mark Del Negro, Jeremy Hu, Dan Leung, Brian Peacock.

The Landscape Skateboards x Hélas Caps is available now at Parlour Skate Store.

Helas Caps

Hélas Sporting Club Edit


 Hélas present a new edit entitled ‘Hélas Sporting Club’ which sees the team bring the vibes to the streets of Barcelona to the sound of Joey Bada$$, rocking some of the latest apparel from their ‘Paris Sportif’ collection.

With the team in the process of filming the Hélas full length video, the French brand give us a snippet of whats to come in this four and a half minute clip featuring team riders: Lucas Puig, Luypa Sin, Jesus Fernandez, Javier Sarmiento, Thierry Gormit, Marek Zaprazny, Roman Lisivka, Pedro Attenborough, Jose Vivero Diaz, JB Gillet, Max Geronzi, Stephen Khou, Alex Maison, Charles Collet, Kristian Krasimirov, JP Villa, Karl Salah.

Enjoy the video below and head to for more information or to shop their latest.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our interview with Hélas head honcho Lucas Puig HERE.