Grind London AW15 “4EVER YOUR AUTOMATIC +1.” Editorial


London streetwear authority Grind London team up with talented UK based photographer Vicky Grout on their latest editorial dubbed “4EVER YOUR AUTOMATIC +1.”

Highlighting key pieces from the brands Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, the editorial takes us out on to the streets of London with in-demand model Lily Bridger donning the threads. Grind London seamlessly combine menswear and streetwear styles to deliver accessible apparel and accessories, from bomber jackets and oxford shirts to printed tees and embroidered headwear, utilising a range of premium materials, subtle graphics and bold patterns, inspired by past decades. Easily one of the most exciting brands to be coming out of London in recent years, they show no sign of slowing up, as they keep quality high and continue to show their versatility with a new range of cut and sew shapes and tongue-in-cheek graphics for the new season. Highlights from the release include the ‘Fabulous Private Pool Suites’ cord cap, ‘4Ever Yours’ long sleeve tee and the staple Japanese denim Chore Jacket. 

Check the full editorial above and be sure to head over to www.grindlondon.com to shop the full range.



Levi’s X Patta Fall 2015 Collection


Master collaborators and European sneaker institute Patta team up with Levi’s on a special collaborative collection for Fall 2015 that pays homage to the Amsterdam mainstay’s affinity for 90’s Hip Hop.

Channelling the aesthetic of rap legends including N.W.A and EMPD, the collection looks to traditional silhouettes of the era and applies subtle updates to create a modern take on the classic street uniforms. The collab comprises of three iconic Levi’s styles – the denim Trucker Jacket, 501 Custom & Tapered jeans and Western shirt – as well as distinctive Patta styles such as the Fishtail parka and Coach’s jacket, all of which have been treated with custom black and blue acid washes, with a co-branded two-horse pull back patch on the jackets. To round off the release, both brands have worked on a custom 5-panel cap, available in black and blue colour ways, as well as reworking Patta’s signature bum bag in a premium leather.

The super limited release will be arriving in two deliveries, the first being the black acid wash and the second the indigo colour options. Levi’s x Patta drop one will be available tomorrow (5th of September) on Patta’s web store as well as Hanon and The Hip Store 





Brixton Fall 2015 Lookbook


 Brixton have dropped their latest set of visuals to showcase offerings from the Californian brands well rounded Fall 2015 collection.

Something that we have always admired about Brixton is their ability to stick closely to their core values, drawing from the laid back Californian lifestyle, encompassing the music, culture and the people around them, and still managing to deliver exciting collections season after season. Their latest release for Fall 2015 sticks closely to what we have seen from the brand previously, building on their instantly recognisable aesthetic with a collection full of versatile styles.

Headwear remains the staple throughout the Fall collection, which also sees a focus on the outerwear department, ranging from hooded puffer jackets to biker inspired leather jackets. You have the Brixton essentials in the t-shirts, long-sleeves, hoodies and sweaters alongside more considered pieces in the button-down shirts, robust trouser designs and knit options for the colder weather. There is an emphasis on keeping things simple as they reference traditional designs and utilise hard wearing, reliable materials such as corduroy and flannel. Sticking to an autumnal colour palette throughout, all pieces are able to look good on their own or layered as temperatures begin to drop.

The Brixton Fall 2015 collection is available now at select stores including Note Shop, The Chimp Store and 5Pointz

Gasius 4205

Gasius: Atomic Cats & Dogs


London based Gasius return with another graphic led assortment of essentials in their latest drop dubbed ‘Atomic cats & Dogs’.

Citing various influences from pizza to Garfield, Gasius the brand has built an identity of its own away from the art of Russel Maurice (Gasius) while aligning with the humorous, light hearted approach towards design. Gasius have teamed up with London based creative agency Peach Fuzz to put together these trippy visuals to commemorate the Atomic Cats & Dogs release, working with videographer Diogo Lopes and Fray Gile on the music, referencing some serious Donnie Darko themes with the stockings. The collection sees new cat and dog inspired graphic prints mixed with more familiar designs and applied to simplistic silhouettes from tees and long sleeves to coach jackets and jogger pants, sticking to a black and white colour palette throughout.

The Gasius Atomic Cats & Dogs collection will be available at select stockists including Goodhood, Hanon and WellGosh.



Club Copson


The first real interaction I had with COPSON came when they released the ‘Resort Cap’ back in December of last year. In the middle of one of the coldest months, they had channeled their signature warm weather vibes and dropped a holiday resort inspired snapback bearing the words ‘Club Copson’ in a red, 70’s inspired type. Unfortunately for me, I had seen the cap a little too late and despite my efforts, I wasn’t able to get my hands on one. Although my search for the hat was fruitless, through it I had found out a little bit more on the London based brand and I was really impressed by what I found. I could relate with the lifestyle they were pushing, and with influences in skate to the classic Italian poolside feels, for me it ticked all the boxes. It was a lot more than just simple graphic t-shirts too, there was a lot of consideration in their design from colour to fit – even their visuals were strong.

The last year or so since starting By The Level I’ve been left a little uninspired by whats on offer in the UK market, and despite some of the great brands out there, there weren’t many who were really standing out and giving something different. For me COPSON are one of the select few that are setting themselves apart from the pack. A lot of effort goes into ensuring quality throughout their collections, but the general vibe I get is that everything they put out comes natural to the team behind the brand and because of that it feels authentic.

Their latest collection for Spring/Summer 2015 dubbed ‘Saverio Dream’ was a personal favourite release from last season and it pushed me to reach out to Maria Falbo, COPSON’s founder, to find out a bit more on the collection and the brand in general. Bringing COPSON into a familiar Brighton environment was the aim for the short editorial we put together (above) and we were also lucky enough to share some words with Maria on building the brand, inspirations and plans for the future….


How did COPSON get started? Where did the idea come from?

It was initially a blogspot to host my creative influences whilst living in Barcelona. Daily inspiration came fromm skateboarding, music and classic style references. It all started with Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing.

Is there a story behind the name?

We lived on COPSON STREET at Uni in Manchester.

The brand has developed a lot over the last 6 years. What would you say has been the most pivotal moment for COPSON in getting to where it is today?

A constant dedication to the COPSON lifestyle, and lots of learning along the way. I wouldn’t say there is one moment – but more of a case of building blocks and progression.

 There is limited choice in the market in terms of UK, and in particular London brands, who are really standing out. As a brand that has managed to set itself apart, what have been the main barriers in building COPSON out of London?

We currently manufacture in London so price is a barrier for sure. We’re dedicated to keeping production in Europe though – especially as we grow. The general cost of being creative in London is the trickiest carrier to overcome I would say. A lack of sunshine for daily inspiration too of course.

COPSON encompasses a lot more than just clothing, with editorial content, events and music all under the brands umbrella. How would you personally describe COPSON?

It has always been a creative concept inspired by lazy sunshine days and the good life. We‘ve never had a business plan or set any rules, but have just developed along the way. Designing clothing has always been an interest so we just went for it. It’s constantly creating a world we want to live in ourselves, clothes we want to wear, music we want to listen to on holiday….


Could you talk us through the latest collection? What was the inspiration?

The pieces are always inspired by classic Italian Riviera style, with a touch of pastel. We want to create leisurewear that people can wear everyday, and offer something special to our consumer. ‘Streetwear’ is so boring – its fun to break the rules a little.

The visuals are some of the strongest we have seen from any brand this season. What inspired the ‘A Young Summers Heart’ video?

Once again… we’re so bored of all the generic lookbooks up on Hypebeast. The word ‘brand content’ is so saturated. My family are from Calabria, Italy where we shot the video – and I would say much of my inspiration for COPSON is rooted there. I’ve always had a passion to bring skateboarding there – in a very chill way and create something truly special – content that makes a difference. I had been interested in working with friend and Director, Romano Pizzichini, for a while. After a few Negronis ( of course) we were like ‘fuck it’ – lets just take Vilads – COPSON poster boy to Italy, and film something truly epic. It was shot in and around my grandmas house.

A Young Summers Heart allowed us to stand apart from being another ‘ streetwear brand’ or lo-fi skate brand, and create something true to COPSON that represented our lifestyle – once again with no rules…I’m glad you liked it!

You worked with UK artist Jamie Humphrey on the designs for the printed shirts. How did that come about?

I skate with Jamie in London– he’s a friend of mine. His liberal mind, and pastel saturated artworks have always caught my eye. I wanted to work with him, and it clicked – lets put them on the cocktail shirts. We printed our own cotton poplin from Jamie’s work.

With your own history in skateboarding there is a natural skate sensibility to COPSON. Would you like to develop this aspect of the brand or remain more fashion focused?

Whatever – again no rules – skateboarding has been a massive part of my life growing up so it will always be an influence. It is just one aspect out of many that make up the COPSON lifestyle. The most important thing is to remain authentic.

 Having worked on collaborative projects in the past, are there any other brands that you would like to work with moving forward?

There are many – not fashion – but sadly can’t list any for now.

What’s next for COPSON? 

More sunshine.











Words: Kieran Sills

Images: Lily Brown 


FPAR® Fall/Winter 2015


Tetsu Nishiyama’s FPAR have released this set of polaroid inspired visuals to showcase their latest offering for Fall/Winter 2015.

Born in 1993, FPAR (Forty Percents Against Rights) has seen a resurgence over the last few years, in particular in European markets, following the opening of their online store and their increased availability in the UK. As the brainchild of WTAPS founder Nishiyama, the popularity of the brand is unsurprising, famed for their tongue-in-cheek political messaging emblazoned across simplistic streetwear silhouettes, they draw inspiration from silk screen printing techniques and a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude.

This seasons release sticks close to their recognisable aesthetic, developing their range with new slogan-printed tees, long sleeves and hoodies, alongside more considered styles in the embroidered oxford shirt and clean coach jackets. A small selection of headwear and heavily branded carry goods, such as tote bags and wallets, round off the release.

The FPAR® Fall/Winter 2015 collection is available now at A Number Of Names both online and in store.


Brixton Mens 03

Brixton Summer 2015 Lookbook


 Brixton have always been a brand that we have admired, from their consistently strong visuals to their simplistic, timeless product that they continue to put out season after season, to us they are a great example of how to present a clothing brand in the right way. For Summer 2015, Brixton again deliver on all fronts with another stunning lookbook that showcases a clean collection full of ready to wear pieces and with it capturing the Brixton ‘lifestyle’ and what those who make and wear the clothing are all about.

Drawing from their Californian heritage and inspired largely by the people, the music and the culture that surrounds them, their latest release features several summer ready styles, from the subtle graphic print tees to the casual workwear inspired shirting selection that we have come to love from the brand. Board shorts and relaxed chinos make up most of the trouser offering, while their headwear pieces really stand out from the pack with several vintage inspired caps and brimmed hats. Logos and graphics are kept to a minimum, with rugged materials applied and a muted colour palette throughout giving a relaxed vibe to a quality release.

The Brixton Summer 2015 collection is available now at the following UK stores: Flatspot, Urban Industry and The Chimp Store