Oakley present One Obsession: Eric Koston


Oakley continue their ONE OBSESSION campaign as they partner up with globally renowned skateboarder Eric Koston to talk on the love he has for his craft.

Koston discusses his process, how a trick begins in the minds eye using his imagination and the rich history of L.A’s Lockwood school, and the integral role it played in igniting a movement that continues to play a huge role in peoples life today.

The mutli-channel campaign from Oakley spans across 22 countries using the hashtag #LiveYours to question “where does your obsession take you?”. Combining with over 450 Oakley athletes in sharing and celebrating their physical places of obsession, Oakley will reward contributions to the ONE OBSESSION campaign with surprise experiences and access to athletes who inspire them.

You can find out more on the campaign at www.oakley.com/one-obsession