Stussy x Patta AW15 Collection


Streetwear institution Stussy comes together with Amsterdam mainstay Patta this season for the pairs first fully fledged collection.

Both brands share similar values and a similar approach, though Stussy's heritage and geographical location means that it may of had a larger impact on the global streetwear scene over the years, Patta's role in todays modern movement can't be overlooked, and both can be credited with having a hand in shaping the industry as we know it. Their interests in music, art and classic sportswear, as well as their shared spirit of independence has allowed the relationship to grow strong over the years, leading to a few collaborative capsule collections along the way. As Stussy continue to celebrate 35 years of prominence in streetwear and Patta continue to build on their already hugely influential presence on the global market, the timing seemed right for the pair to put their heads together on an expanded collaborative release.

The collection is largely graphic led and keeps things fairly simple throughout, drawing inspiration from 90's sportswear and applying retro colour treatments to their designs. A majority of the collection consists of bold dual branded staples such as tees, long sleeves and sweaters, but you will also find more considered fleece sweaters and functional outerwear, again referencing 90's athletic themes. Something that both Patta and Stussy do well in their main line collections and collaborative ventures is doing the simple things well, and whenever they do look to expand in to more experimental pieces, each piece has reason behind it. Rounding off the collection is a selection of knitwear, a tracksuit and also some patch work denim, inspired by past era trends in the Netherlands that Patta has always stayed true to and contributed to it's recent resurgence through ventures such as this.

It's great to see both brands give the fans what they want, not over complicating things and putting together a well rounded collection. The Stussy x Patta Autumn/Winter release will be available to purchase at Stussy's New York location and Patta's Amsterdam store on December the 12th, and will be available at Patta retailers, Stussy Chapters and from the 18th of December.


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