Bronze56k "Plug"

Watch: Bronze56k & Thrasher present “Plug”


Bronze56k and Thrasher have put out a new 15-minute edit dubbed “Plug” in anticipation for the New Yorker’s new full length, which is set to drop later on this year. Combining hill bombing in San Fran to grinding rails in their native city of NY, the coast to coast clip features riders Adrian Vega, Yaje Popson, Rob Gonyon, Nick Ferro, Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Billy Mcfeely, Chachi, Brendan Carroll, Kevin Davis, Mark Humienik, Aaron Herrington, Paul Tucci, Phil Rodriguez, Joseph Delgado, and Shawn Powers. Enjoy !


HUF x Bronze56K Lookbook


 HUF link up with in-demand New York skate crew Bronze56k on a limited capsule collection this season, made up of co-branded footwear and accessories.

Hot on the heels of Bronze’s hugely popular collab with London skate giants Palace, they now link up with San Fran juggernauts HUF on a small release that references themes from late 90’s and early 2000’s pop culture. Bronze56K have gained a large cult following from their lo-fi videos that have led the way for many other companies who have followed suit since, but Bronze have stood out with their unique aesthetic, paying homage to the dial up internet and cable TV era, that can be seen in edits such as Solo Jazz, Enron, and Trust.

The limited edition collection is made up of co-branded socks and a rework of HUF’s Classic Hi silhouette in a white suede with Bronze’s Microsoft inspired logo on the heel detailing. The lookbook above, shot by Brian Kelley, captures Bronze team riders Richie Rizzo and Josh Wilson shredding low lit city streets of New York City in the Classic Hi’s, wearing promo-only tees and hats bearing a playful rework of the Polo Sport logo with an added Bolt instead of the famous Polo stick.

The HUF x Bronze56K goes on sale tomorrow, the 30th of June, at select retailers including Flatspot. and at Manchester’s Note Shop. 

HUF and Bronze56K also worked on a short edit to commemorate the release, which features team riders Dick Rizzo and Josh Wilson shred the streets of New York in the co-branded Classic Hi’s. Enjoy the full video below shot by Bronze co-founder and videographer Peter Sidlauskas.



Bronze56k present ***Trust*** Full-Length video

Bronze56K present their latest visual (and musical) treat, as Peter Sidlauskas presents his latest full length video entitled “Trust” for 2K15.

Following a year long hiatus, the latest video in Bronza56k’s series seemingly came out of  thin air with little to no promotion around it. Widely considered as the pioneers of the ‘Lo-Fi’ skate videos that have become hugely popular with some of the top skate brands worldwide, their latest video “Trust” offers up slightly more in terms of editing and production continuing to draw themes from the pre-modern internet era. The visuals also sees the addition of a few notable faces to their line-up, with the 28 minute skate video featuring riders Shawn Powers, Aaron Herrington, Brendan Carroll, Josh Wilson, Jordan Trahan, Jake Johnson, Dela, Billy McFeely, Rob Gonyon, Joseph Delgado, Mark Humienik, Nick Ferro, Adrian Vega, Chachi (skating in a pair of foamposites), Kevin Tierney, Dick Rizzo and more, shredding key spots on the East Coast.

Enjoy the video below and be sure to head over to to buy the DVD and support the cause.