5Boro NYC X Stefan Marx ‘Airline Series’

New York’s 5Boro follow up the success of their popular VHS decks with another solid series, this time teaming up with German artist Stefan Marx on a selection of Airline inspired board graphics.

The series consists of 6 deck designs adorning the distinctive illustrative style of Marx. Each illustration makes up an airplane and draws inspiration from 5Boro’s hometown of New York City and its various boroughs, featuring a unique registration number for each design. The 6th board is slightly different. Entitled the ‘JFK’, it has a special illustrated graphic wrap around the plane and features a ‘Big Apple’, pizza slice, NY’s iconic greek coffee cup, snake mascot and Marx’s favourite snack – potato chips or crisps as we call them here in the UK.

All boards are completed with fine details including Marx’s signature eyes in the cockpit windshield, as well as a nice touch on the top of the deck with a special graphic listing the names of all of 5Boro’s pros, ams and immediate crew. A range of special print techniques have been used from 10 colour spot print’s on the JFK to silver foil applications on the Brooklyn Model.

The 5Boro x Stefan Marx ‘Airline Series’ will be arriving in European stores starting from the 15th of February. For more information on the brand head over to their website: 5boronyc.com. Sizes for each deck are below.

5B Airline Series Brooklyn –  8” X 32”
5B Airline Series Bronx – 8.3” X
5B Airline Series Manhattan – 8.25” X
5B Airline Series Queens – 8” & 8.5” X 32”
5B Airline Series Staten Island – 7.8” & 8.125” X 32”
5B Airline Series JFK – 8” & 8.25” X 32”


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