Converse ‘Made By You’ Campaign


Celebrating self-expression and encouraging people to share their personal experiences through their storied Chuck Taylor All Stars, Converse have launch the Made By You campaign.

The campaign has already seen fans of the iconic silhouette worldwide offer a glimpse of their lived in pairs to tell their own story. Made By You sees Converse work with a group of internationally renowned icons including Andy Warhol, Rory Attwell, Swim Deep and Shay Ola, to name but a few, curating one-of-a-kind sneaker portraits from those who inspire creatively from the fields of art, music and food. Along with their portrait, those icons have also added their own six word story to offer us a snippet into their experiences wearing Chucks and the attitude they have towards life.

With the Chuck Taylor All Star approaching its centennial, the campaign is a great representation of the style which has seen many unique customisations over its time. Through social media ‘Made By You’ will encourage customers to share their Chucks using the hashtag #ChuckTaylor, bringing together the Converse community and creating a social gallery of the coveted silhouette.

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