Brand Updates: Rook Brand – Age of New Breed

Along with the release of their ‘Dark Amazon’ collection, Rook brand have produced this bonus online feature showing the creative process from start to finish, giving an insight into the inspiration behind the new collection.

The video gives a behind the scenes glimpse into Joe King’s art studio as he completes the Doberman Crown design.

“This Holiday season was largely designed around the idea to never settle for less than the best. Pushing the limits within ones self to discover what is possible, we really wanted to encourage people to explore the road less traveled and to never assume that the given path is a single fixed direction.

It isn’t until you’re willing to become completely uncomfortable that the progression will make itself known. You have to divert from the norm, question everything and never settle for less than the best”

– Joe King, Co-Founder/Creative DIrector of ROOK.

Source: Out of step

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