Nike SB presents: “Brotherhood of the feet: Europe V Brazil – Friendly”


The four year wait is over and the World Cup is well underway, with some of Europe’s best teams making early exits and Brazil making steady progress. Prior to the start of the tournament, Nike SB provided a slightly different playing field for the nations involved, as some of the biggest names in skating come together at the worlds epicentre of passionate football culture.

With the two sports tough on both body and mind, in particular the foot, Nike SB celebrate this ‘brotherhood’ cruising through the streets of Brazil. As the stadiums fill, the streets empty and with it comes a special atmosphere making Rio and Sao Paulo some of the most exciting skateboarding cities in the world.

European riders – Wieger van Wageningen, Denny Pham, Maxime Geronzi, Dani Lebron and Kyron Davis linked up with their Brazilian brethren Luan Oliveira and Fabio Cristiano, to produce a short film that follows their journey through the streets of the two unique cities.

Vans Pro Skate AV Classics
'36' by Dexter Navy - Exhibition opening

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