URL {un real life}

 Sirus has come through with his latest project dubbed “URL {un real life}” – a 2-piece Brighton skate video featuring familiar faces from the local scene and exploring a personal battle with life online…

“Having a laptop & an internet connection is at once a modern blessing & a perpetual dread. Probably a lot of people bothering to read this will somewhat understand the inordinate feeling of the saturating, (as i’m typing this i take a quick break to check a Facebook notification and edit a post) overflow of glowing blue-white information, that the internet and social media consistently hurl at our tired, red eyes. Creating videos for me is intended to be some form of physical, creative catharsis, and a well earned interruption from the digital realm. But inevitably each production i put together results in far more hours sat in front of the achromatic glow from my retina display, than it does sat in gutters & alleyways (Alfie Whatsapps me, and i check it but don’t reply. he proceeds to send 3 more messages, addressing my lack of acknowledgment. I reply) triple checking my focus, or blowing dust off my fisheye. ultimately it’s inescapable ??

This clip has two halves to it, the highly edited, ostentatious 1st half and the looser, raw 2nd part, you can probably guess at what they’re suppose to represent. It was put together to play as a loop, as an allusion to ur fave social media outlet’s endless scroll of colours and sounds. It’s just another internet skate vid”



Featuring: Ben Woodhouse, Harrison Woolgar, Rupert Antoine, Joe Coward, Dexter Daniels, Alex Barron, Sam Ibekwe, Tom (shakes) Delion, Alfie Williams, Dan Fisher Eustance, Parky Doodles, Zak Gilbert, Phil Russell & Rich West.


Video & Words: Sirus F Gahan


Stanton Street Sports Editorial
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